Polycom SpectraLink 8000 System Overview

polycom logoVoice over WLAN for the Workplace

Polycom SpectraLink Wireless Telephones operate on converged voice and data Wi-Fi infrastructure to reduce costs and simplify management while significantly improving employee mobility, responsiveness and productivity.

polycom-sprectralink-enterpriseIntegrated Wi-Fi Telephony

Polycom SpectraLink Wireless Telephones enhance the Wi-Fi networks of today and tomorrow. Supporting integrations with circuit-switched PBX systems as well as IP telephony call servers, SpectraLink Wireless Telephones provide packetized voice over a Wi-Fi network infrastructure without sacrificing voice quality or advanced telephone features and capabilities. SpectraLink Wireless Telephones provide a wide range of IP, digital and analog interfaces ensuring connectivity to the majority of PBX systems for businesses worldwide.

Polycom is committed to providing superior voice quality while maintaining the greatest interoperability across large enterprise Wi-Fi networks. By providing solutions that support SpectraLink Voice Priority, Wi-Fi Standard QoS or Cisco CCXv4 , Polycom guarantees excellent voice quality and offers customers the flexibility to align with requirements and implementation preferences.


  • Dramatically improve responsiveness and productivity of mobile workers
  • Leverage wireless LAN infrastructure for voice and data applications
  • Deliver high-quality and secure voice communications across all enterprise environments
  • Leverage investment in circuit- switched or IP/SIP PBX features throughout the workplace
  • Increase business efficiency by integrating with application systems and business processes
  • Maximize employee availability using simple, reliable and durable dev

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