Polycom Spectralink WiFi

Polycom Spectralink wireless telephone systems

Polycom offers the most feature-rich and cost-effective wireless communication solutions — solutions that dramatically improve the way employees perform their jobs faster and more effectively and how organizations function.

When problems occur, timely communication is vital....for  better service, faster response times, and improved productivity.

Polycom’s advanced technology goes beyond the capabilities of paging systems, cordless telephones, two-way radios, and cellular products to provide the world’s leading high-quality yet cost-effective wireless telephone communications.


Polycom’s wireless telephone systems give mobility to healthcare staff, allowing them to perform their jobs more effectively and from anywhere within the facility. Hospital workers have immediate access to each other, and most importantly, to patients. With a wireless telephone system, healthcare providers offer better care resulting in higher patient satisfaction. In fact, Polycom’s focus on healthcare applications has made Polycom the market leader. We help hospitals provide better patient care while improving efficiencies hospital-wide.

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Polycom wireless telephone systems allow store managers and employees to stay in touch with customers and other staff while on the sales floor. Employees are free to move throughout the store and are no longer limited to a wall or desk telephone and that means customer service improves because store employees are more responsive to customer requests with direct and immediate telephone access.

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Polycom wireless telephones allow users to stay in touch while moving throughout the facility— even in environments covering millions of square feet, with multiple buildings and with difficult coverage areas. Polycom offers the most durable, feature-rich and cost-effective wireless telephony solutions for industrial applications, dramatically streamlining communication. Because Polycom wireless telephones are integrated with a facility’s existing telephone systems, users are always accessible. Fast, direct communications means less downtime and increased efficiency.

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Wireless telephone systems from Polycom give staff at today’s hotels and casinos immediate access to one another from anywhere within the property, ultimately resulting in improved guest satisfaction and business efficiency.

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