KWS DECT Wireless Server 6000

multitone-logoMultitone wireless server 6000

The wireless SIP solution for medium to very large businesses.


kirk-dect-wireless-server-6000Whether you need radio coverage of a large geographical area or to equip a large number of mobile employees with the flexibility of wireless telephony – or both – the wireless server 6000 is an excellent choice.

Being able to manage on the move is essential in today’s competitive business environment. Receiving and making calls while mobile improves communication with your customers, improves efficiency and day-to-day management.

With its extremely scalable nature, the wireless server 6000 can fulfil the wireless needs of up to 4096 mobile employees – and can therefore grow with you as you expand your business.

The wireless server 6000 solution consists of a number of different infrastructure elements; the wireless server 6000, media resources to
connect with the IP-PABX, base stations and repeaters. These elements will provide a wireless solution customised to fit the exact needs of the individual customer.

Multitone KWS DECT Systems Comparison Chart
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Key Benefits:

  • Mobility for up to 4096 wireless users
  • Flexibility - with up to 256 radio units
  • Scalability - grow the solution as you grow your business
  • Simplicity - with direct connection to the LAN
  • SIP interface
  • Single web portal for administration and maintenance
  • Modular design for simple installation and scalability
  • Text messaging application support
  • Keeps your quality connection on the move
  • Alarm integration

>> Download the Australian Wireless Server KWS6000 Information Sheet

>> Download the Australian Wireless Server KWS6000 Supplementary Information Sheet

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