KWS DECT Wireless Server 300

multitone-logoSIP Telephony Solution for Small to Medium-sized Businesses

Multitone offers a simple all-in-one IP DECT solution that enables your employees to stay in contact with colleagues or customers wherever they are within the business premises.

Polycom Kirk Wireless Server 300Cost-Effective Business Wireless

The Multitone KWS Wireless Server 300 system is a single-cell solution supporting up to 12 wireless users and four simultaneous calls, making it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses.
Companies with a number of small offices can easily offer mobility to their employees by installing the KWS Server 300 solution at each location. Call-handling can be managed by a local or centralized IP SIP PBX.
Up to six KWS Repeaters can be subscribed to the KWS Wireless Server 300 solution, providing a number of advantages, such as the:

  • Ability to cover a larger area, compared to other single-cell solutions
  • Flexibility to handle complex coverage requirements
  • Scalability to extend coverage after initial deployment.


  • Designed for simple installation and coverage scalability via repeaters
  • A cost-effective system that allows usage of the exsisting LAN infrastructure
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    Delivers high-quality and secure voice communication
  • Maximizes employee availability using simple, reliable, and durable devices
  • Increases business efficiency by integrating with application systems and business processes
  • IP interface based on SIP protocol
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Browser configuration option
  • Compatible with all KWS Handsets

>> Download the Multitone KWS Wireless Server 300 Data Sheet

>> Download the Multitone KWS Handsets Product Reference Guide

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