Multitone Wireless Solutions (DECT)

Telephony and Wireless Telephony (DECT) Solutions

The cornerstone of your business is being able to communicate effectively and efficiently with your customers. Our telephone systems and mobility solutions are at the leading edge with the flexibility to allow your business to grow and expand and deliver the performance you need. As a system designer and integrator we don't just deliver a phone we deliver an essential tool that will increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Access-IP is a range of small to large telephone systems (10 to 2000 extensions) that supports a wide range of integrated business applications as well as Multitone’s messaging server, Access Integrator. By connecting Access-IP to your existing telephone system you can have an integrated DECT wireless solution or to expand the capacity of your existing telephone system.

Access-IP can also be used as a DECT server or disaster recovery solution providing additional extensions for day to day use and in the event of a failure of the main PABX. The Access-IP can operate as your standby communications system.

The mobility that the DECT system brings to your business allows your staff to "walk and talk" and "manage on the move" at all times.

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KWS DECT Systems Comparison Chart
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Multitone Demonstration Videos 
Polycom in health demo  watch-video
Polycom SpectraLink 8400 in health  watch-video
Polycom Real-time Location Services  watch-video
DECT Handsets in Healthcare  watch-video

Features & Benefits of Analogue DECT, IP DECT and Wi Fi DECT

  • Mobile messaging Staff to Staff
  • Extension of the PABX Handsets
  • Night Switch feature for First Incoming Call
  • System to Handset text messaging
  • Single Storey Duress capability
  • Minimum Down-Time on Installation
  • Small, Medium & Large system capability
  • Interface to Nurse Call, Security & Intercom Systems

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