EKOTEK Solutions

ekotek callfob

When workers in different locations within a factory, hospital or any other large building site need to communicate, Multitone can provide complete on-site integrated communications systems.

Workers are able to receive instructions and remain in full contact and when a lone worker needs to send a signal, Multitone can provide single-button alarms which rapidly distribute alarm signals to multiple recipients instantly, linking the alert to email and paging systems. At Multitone, we can provide lone worker solutions to meet a range of requirements.

EkoTek is a unique wireless solution using the latest technology to offer an alerting system for lone workers. It not only gives a two-way communication system, but also improves first aid response through accurate location of alarm signals.

EkoTek eliminates the need for complex radio surveys and is straightforward to deploy and expand in any environment with assured performance. The self-configuring system allows for the replacement or repair of components without requiring pre-programming or expensive cabling.

ekotek componentsEkoTek Features & Benefits

•Lone Worker System
•Portable Alarm & Messaging Devices
•Provides the ability for Asset Tagging
•Provides the ability for Staff & Resident Tagging
•Creation of Go & No Go Zones
•Totally Zigby wireless
•Low Cost installation
•Small, Medium & Large system capability with One HUB

If you would like more information about EkoTek, contact Multitone on:
 P: 03 9888 1244
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